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Bird Control Sydney

Total Commitment to Quality



Birds cause untold millions of dollars of damage to most structures - Homes, Commercial Buildings, Industrial complexes, etc.

Their droppings and nesting materials carry diseases, and parasites that pose serious threats to people and to structures everywhere. They also create a negative image, clog drains and channels and attract other pests such as
bugs and rodents.

When birds are causing your facility a headache, CPM provides -

: An on-site evaluation, inspection and a "no obligation" quote to control or manage bird issues in your facility.

: Professional consultation

: Bird Control Management by various deterrent methods

- Proofing with a high quality UV resistant Bird Netting material
is the most recommended technique
- Bird wire and spikes
- Removal of bird nesting materials and treatment
- Other methods suitable to Facility or Site conditions.

bird netting

Whether the building is Heritage, Modern or Commercial, we can provide positive results 

bird spikes
tensioned wire
shock strip
bird control

Bird Control Sydney|Bird Netting Sydney|Bird Proofing Sydney

pigeon ledge

Pigeons don't discriminate between a Heritage Building and an Industrial Warehouse. They alight, roost and nest wherever they find a suitable location, a window ledge or the awning of a warehouse. Their droppings can deface the façade of a building or damage stock in a warehouse. They can also spread viral, fungal, and bacterial disease which is a major Health and Safety issue for whoever comes in contact with them. Whether it's a heritage building or a warehouse CPM Pest Services can provide Pigeon Proofing Solutions.


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