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Fly Units

Total Commitment to Quality


If a cockroach were to walk across your table at a restaurant, you might leave immediately. However, if a fly were to land on your plate, you would probably just wave it away and carry on eating. Yet, the fly carries as much disease
potential as the cockroach.

Flies are major spreaders of diseases. They have no chewing mouth parts, if they land on your sandwitch they regurgitate or vomit on to it to soften it , they stamp that with their feet and then they suck it back up again. Then its your turn to eat it !!!!!!!!

Flies defacate every 4 to 5 minutes.

Flies can lay 200/3000 eggs in a lifetime

Some studies concluded that the average house fly carry upto 6 million bacteria on its body.

A new born fly can start mating when its only 3 days old.


FLYING INSECTS in commercial premises are unacceptable in an Industrial premises, are generally accepted or regarded as pests because they -

- spread disease through contamination
- are regarded as a nuisance

Salmonella spp. and Helicobacter Pylori, the causal organism of chronic gastritis and peptic ulcers in human is spread by flies.

Control of flying Insects depends on a good FLY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM:

CPM's 'ultimate, no compromise' approach to Flying Insect Control is through the use of a variety of effective Devices that use UV light from special shatterproof bulbs to attract flying insects. This system complies with most industries' very exacting standards.

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The translucent cover of this Unit, incorporates a patented light enhancing technology, which amplifies the light output of the unit, increases the catch rate and therefore it's effectiveness. The two specially formulated adhesive control boards ensure that once inside, the insects are permanently trapped. The glue boards can be changed quickly and simply. It is designed for ease of maintenance.

ft80 unit

FT80 Unit

This Unit has four adhesive boards,
So it has twice the catching capacity of other models. They can be wall mounted or suspended and catches all types of flying insects. There is no high voltage electrocution grid, thereby eliminating possible product contamination. Pad substrate materials and adhesive are both degradable

A variety of other units are also available both adhesive type units and zapper type units.


Telephone: 1300738022
FAX: (02) 9674 5975
Unit 22/35 Foundry Road
Seven Hills, NSW 2147

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