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Total Commitment to Quality

About Our Company

Established in 1994 we are one of the larger Australian owned Pest Control Companies in Sydney and count many of the country’s leading companies as our clients.


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:: Workers Compensation

:: Public/Professional Liability

:: Accreditation Certificates ISO 9001:2008

:: HACCP Certificate

:: CM3 Certificate



Notice released by AQIS detailing the status of the IOA/LOA programme

Basically this notice means that IOA's/LOA's (known as AQIS Approvals) will not be renewed upon expiration. The old approval process as we knew it has now effectively been dismantled. Instead a manufacturer's declaration detailing a particular product's fitness for use will be issued. IOA/LOAs already in the system will remain until they expire and as they do, these will be replaced with the Manufacturer's Declaration.

Until CPM will keep you informed as further changes occur then please contact our office for further information or assistance with auditors.


AQIS Approvals / Manufacterers' Declaration are presented here as they are from our suppliers. CPM will accept no responsibility for their accuracy or validity

::: BIFLEX AQUAMAX.pdf ( Manufacturer's Declaration)

::: BIFLEX ULTRA - LO.pdf ( Manufacturer's Declaration)

::: COOPEX DUST.pdf (Manufacturer's Declaration)

::: CRACKDOWN.pdf (Manufacturer's Declaration)

::: MAXFORCE.pdf ( Manufacturer's Declaration)

::: RACUMIN 8.pdf ( Manufacturer's Declaration)

::: RODILON.pdf (Manufacturer's Declaration)

::: TALON AQIS.pdf ( Manufacturer's Declaration)



MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets
MSDS approvals are presented here as they have been issued by our suppliers
CPM can accept no responsibility for their accuracy or validity

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) 

Advion Ant Gel GHS SDS 1116



Bromakil Super Rat Drink


Cislin 25 Professional Insecticide SDS GHS 1016

Coopex Insecticidal Dusting Powder Industrial Strength SDS GHS 0616

Coopex Residual Insecticide SDS GHS 1016

Crackdown Residual Insecticide SDS GHS 1016

Deltathor Insecticide Jan 2016


Ditrac All Weather Blox Rodenticide 1216

Ficam W Insecticide SDS GHS 1016

Inskill SDS V3 2012

Maxforce Gold Gel Insecticide SDS GHS 1016

Maxforce Original Cockroach Gel SDS GHS 1016

Phantom Insecticide

Py-Sect Insecticide Aerosol SDS March2015

Racumin 8 Rat and Mouse Rodenticide SDS GHS 0616

Rodilon Pro Rodenticide SDS GHS 116

Talon XT Pro SDS 1116

Termidor Residual Termicide & Insecticide



Manufacturer's Labels

::: Label - Biflex AquaMax

::: Label - Biflex Ultra LoOdour

::: Label - Coopex Dust

::: Label - Crackdown

::: Label - Maxforce Gel

::: Label - Racumin Paste

::: Label - Rodilon

::: Label - Talon Wax Blocks




Index of Pests - CPM Pest Control Sydney


Pest Control Sydney - Cockroaches

Pest Control Sydney - Spiders

Pest Control Sydney - Redback Spiders


Pest Control Sydney - Ants


Pest Control Sydney - Red Ants

Pest Control Sydney - Rodents

Pest Control Sydney - Fleas

Pest Control Sydney - Bees

Pest Control Sydney - Wasps

Pest Control Sydney - Silverfish

Pest Control Sydney - Wood Rot





Telephone: 02 9674 5499
FAX: (02) 9674 5975
Unit 22/35 Foundry Road
Seven Hills, NSW 2147

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