HACCP Pest Control Sydney

pest control sydney

As a specialist in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Cpm provides not only experienced responsive service, but also total commitment to provide all types of businesses with solutions to Facility or Site pest issues. Our commitment goes beyond what is acceptable IPM.

Our dedicated Team will provide youPROOF OF SERVICEby engaging in a process which ensures the highest level of service by aiming to proactively address your pest issues by:

Providing meaningful analysis of pest findings with our customised Reporting System

– Consistently communicate with you regarding our observations and findings during our Service

– Cultivating a partnership with your Site Managers through a system that raises the level of pest management by    using integrated pest prevention techniques. Click Here


CPM Pest Control Sydney Offers:

  • Pest Control that complies to various Auditor requirements
  • An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach with a web-based reporting program that uses a bar code scanning system to show “Proof of Service”
  • A wide range of flying insect control system
  • Comprehensive Bird Management Programs
  • Hygiene Services to washroom facilities (e.g. Sanitary Bins, Soap Dispensers, Air Fresheners, etc)


You can contact us at (02) 9674 5499 EMAIL US at mail@cpmservices.com.au