Bar Coding System For Pest Control


Proof Of Service

The CPM System..:

CPM was the first pest control company in Sydney to provide a web based, barcode scanning program, that produces comprehensive and detailed reports and graphs.

CPM specialises in providing quality services to commercial premises. Due to our commitment to quality, we count many of Sydney’s major local and multinational companies as our satisfied customers.

Barcodes are placed in all bait stations, flying insect control units, and any other monitoring devices in key locations around the site. The technicians scan the barcodes and records his observations of each device. On completion of the service, all information gathered in the scanner is downloaded into the computer.

The client can login onto the Web-Based Reporting System and view comprehensive and detailed reports, such as:

Comparative Analysis

  • Activity by Specific Time Frame (e.g. Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly,etc)
  • Activity by Pest Type (e.g. Cockroaches, Rats, etc)
  • Activity by Device Type (e.g. Rodent Bait Station, Fly Unit, etc)
  • Activity by Area (e.g. Fence Line, External Perimeter, etc)



  • Detailed Service Report
  • Detailed Site Map
  • Detailed Inspection Report
  • Trend Analysis
  • Service Summary
  • Activity Graph
  • Product Usage

Providing meaningful analysis of pest findings with our customised Reporting System.

  • Consistently communicate with you regarding our observations and findings during our Service
  • Cultivating a partnership with your Site Managers through a system that raises the level of pest management by using integrated pest prevention techniques.
  • Pest Control Reporting System