Hygiene Services

Our local expert Sydney company provide hygiene services throughout the Sydney Suburbs; from the Sydney Metro to the Blue Mountains.

hygiene services sydney


A washroom program managed by CPM includes a wide range of functional and stylish products depending on your requirements.

You may require one, some or all of the items listed and described below. CPM will provide a comprehensive and objective proposal including a pricing offer to suit your requirements, after your washroom have been surveyed and identified.

Our services include:

  • Sanitary Bin disposal units 
  • Nappy Bin disposal units
  • Medical waste or ‘Sharps” bins
  • Air freshening units
  • “No Touch” hand sanitising system
  • Luxury liquid hand soap dispensing system.
  • Sanitizing and deep treatment program for urinals and toilets.
  • Toilet seat sanitising system

sharp disposal units hygiene services sydney



urinal mats hygiene services sydney



air freshnersl units hygiene services sydney

AIR FRESHENER The system is a battery operated dispensing unit,

that automatically dispenses a metered dose of a perfume concentrate at

pre-programmed intervals.





hand sanitiser units hygiene services sydney



HAND SANITISER Choice of both Sensor operated or

Manual Pushbutton units. We service the unit at

each nominated period